Angry Indian wife stages talaq divorce


An angry Indian woman pronounced a triple talaq divorce on her husband this week.

The wife, from Meerut in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, recited the formula at a local police station in front of reporters, accusing her husband of dowry abuse – i.e. putting her family under pressure to pay, something which has been illegal in India since 1961.

The event was staged as a protest afther the Police had failed to respond to her complaints and take action against her husband and members of his family.

Triple talaq is legally only open to husbands. This controversial practice allows them to unilaterally divorce their wives by reciting the formula talaq three times, from the Arabic phrase ant taliq, meaning ‘I divorce you’. Many areas of the Muslim world specify an interval between each recitation, and condemn triple talaq as un-Islamic. But it remains legal, albeit very contentious, in the Muslim regions of India.

Speaking to the assembled reporters, the woman insisted that there was no reason why woman should not be able to use the triple talaq as well.

She explained:

“I divorced my husband as a revenge on the family for the atrocities we had to face. It was also because my brother-in- law divorced my sister.”

Her sister was married to her husband’s brother but was divorced via triple talaq last year when she began to complain about dowry pressure.

A Qazi (Sharia magistrate) declared women could not proactively divorce their husbands in Islam but said the wife would be granted a divorce by the local panchayat (council)  if it was unable to resolve the couple’s differences.

Photo of Meerut by Siddhartha Ghai via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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