African leader: ‘maintenance fuels divorce’

spousal maintenance

Spousal and child maintenance fuels divorce, a Zimbabwean tribal leader has claimed.

Chief Mukota is a traditional court judge in Mashonaland, in the north of the African country. As the name suggests, traditional courts apply tribal laws in less serious, non-criminal disputes. They are presided over by tribal chiefs. In Nigeria they are commonly referred to as ‘customary courts’.

Speaking to Zimbabwean site Newsday, Chief Mukota said he’d seen a surge in claims for maintenance from divorcees at his court:

“Since March last year I have dealt with more or less than 60 cases of maintenance and every month we deal with four to six cases.”

The availability of maintenance meant wives could leave their husbands easily or not even bother to marry at all, he continued.

“This has become a greatest home wrecker in our society, because women can now just walk in and out of marriage or get pregnant willy-nilly and claim maintenance after all. Some men are now taking care of children that might not be theirs because of this law.”

Some teenagers also take advantage, he insisted, because they are lazy and not interested in going to school. Instead they frequent nightclubs and end up claiming maintenance from men they encounter there.

“I have made it clear in my district that I will not take pregnancy issues that came from night clubs.”

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Andrew - May 3, 2017 at 8:01pm

Some of the usual suspects will be agreeing with them, come on boys . . .

Andy - May 3, 2017 at 11:06pm

This bloke needs to be over here..The will nilly Child Maintenance Agency could learn a thing or two in fact could learn all…He is right but it ain’t night clubs that cause spousal maintenance but GOLDDIGGER mothers…
Give this bloke a top job in this country…Haha makes our lot look like idiots and that are…

Andy - May 3, 2017 at 11:09pm

If it helps, can I pay with three goats and four 16% CMS calculation…

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Ned - May 4, 2017 at 1:47am

Right on! But this does make a serious point that is unfortunately applicable wherever UK-inspired laws hold sway.

The balance of power has been slowly shifting away from “equality” — and much more towards EXPLOITATION. Baroness Deech noted this in her speech to the House of Lords in December 2014.

As she said, “Young girls” — and indeed women of all ages — now often realise that they really don’t have to worry about “if things don’t work out” — with huge court-awarded settlements, they will still come out smelling like a rose after divorce.

Even more so, if they are “professional scammers” who only marry SO they can divorce — and there are enough of those nowadays.

Let me be clear — I am talking about childless marriages here. “Scammers” are only interested in the idea of children if it means they can get a hefty whack in monthly child maintenance, in addition. Otherwise, they tend to be an “encumbrance” for their NEXT marriage (two or three years later). Although “aunty” back home in a “low-cost” country (like Southeast Asia) can probably look after them, much cheaper than the maintenance provides for — so it enriches more than the erstwhile wife. But of course, the courts have still not woken up to this kind of scam. And until they do, the perpetrators will find it SO worthwhile, and so well-supported by the existing laws, which they exploit to their extreme advantage, they have absolutely no REASON to stop.

So, when will the LAW wake up to these “marriage and visa” scams?? It WILL — ONE day. But what are the chances of the poor exploited husbands EVER getting anything BACK from these crooks-without-a-conscience who USE “marriage” for their own selfish ends?

Yeah, pigs may fly….

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