Indian man celebrates divorce by giving away dessert


A man in the western Indian state of Gujarat celebrated his divorce by giving away mulitple boxes of a popular Indian dessert.

Rinkesh Rachchh, 26, lives in Rajkot, in central Gujarat. He was married for a single year before the relationship ended, the Deccan Chronicle reports, but it took him two years of legal wrangling to complete the subsquent divorce.

To mark the formal end of a marriage he has since described as “torture”, Rinkesh gave away a full 50 kg (110 pounds or nearly eight stone) of kaju barfi, also known as kaju katli, which is made from ground cashew nuts, boiled sugar, clarified butter (ghee), spices and dried fruit.

Each gift came in an elaborately wrapped pink box, adorned with ribbons and the Gujariti inscripton Chūṭāchēḍā harakh na, which roughly translates as ‘celebrate divorce’ or ‘joyful divorce’. He also included his phone number.

The kaju barfi was intended to celebrat the ‘sweet reward’ of divorce, explained Rinkesh. Despite the turmoil of his first marriage he is looking forward to meeting the right woman and marrying again, the paper reports.

Recipients of his gift boxes have phoned to congratulate Rinkesh and discuss his legal strategies in the family courtroom. Many of the callers have been mothers phoning to complain about their daughters in law he claims.

Photo of Rajkot by Apoorvjani via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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Dr Grumpy - April 28, 2017 at 2:00pm

I had the same sort of experience except when I got divorced I gave away my house and a lot of money!

To my ex-wife!!!!!

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