Mental health tests for children entering care delayed

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Plans to routinely assess the mental health of children entering the care system have been delayed.

Pilot schemes were due to start next month in ten areas but the plans are now on hold, the Department for Education has announced, pending the results of the snap general election.

The scheme would have seen mental health included in the health assessments routinely conducted on children when they enter care. The possibility of extending the test to care leavers was was also under consideration.

Marc Bush of the chartiy Young Minds urged the government to push ahead with the trials in spite of the general election, saying it would save thousands of children entering the care system from missing out on support for their problems.

“Children going into care will most likely have faced difficult experiences in their lives which are likely to impact their wellbeing and mental health in the future. It’s crucial that looked-after children are offered mental health assessments so that any support they need is identified and provided to prevent serious and complex mental health problems arising later in life.”

Photo by Dave Crosby via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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drmanhattan62 - April 25, 2017 at 8:40pm

So no mention of mental health tests for children already in the care system.
Go figure.
they are most likely worried about what most of them would say about how they have been badly treated and why they have been suspiciously cut off from their families by corrupt Social workers.

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