Children’s Commissioner worries about ‘pinball’ kids

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Some children in the care system experience repeated upheavals, a new report claims.

The latest Stability Index from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner analysed care system data for the 12 months to March last year. More than 7,000 ‘looked after’ children, or one in ten, were moved to new placements with foster families or residential homes two or more times over that period. Significantly more – one in four or nearly 18,000 – experienced two or more changes in their designated social worker over the same period of time,

Meanwhile, approximately 2,000 children saw their placement, social worker and school all change, for maximum upheaval. Many of those moving school did so in the middle of the academic year, the time most likely to disrupt their studies and performance in exams.

The report stresses the importance of stable relationships in the lives of children in care:

“Consistent, high-quality relationships are important – they enhance feelings of security, support their ability to form relationships as they grow into adults, and enable the development of a sense of belonging and identity.”

It continues:

“Instability in experiences of care reduces the opportunity for children to form and maintain secure relationships. When children in care have to change their placement, it can lead to relationships with trusted adults being broken. When children in care have to move schools, they can lose ties with friendship groups.”

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drmanhattan62 - April 20, 2017 at 7:09pm

This is a unfortunate fact of children taken into the care system. they do become pinball kids being passed around like car boot sale items.

kids being taken out of their school by Social workers is another Evil that seems to have no watch dog keeping it in check. the SS simply do whatever they like with these kids including cutting them off from their birth families and nobody is policing them.

Brian - April 20, 2017 at 8:32pm

I’m surprised with my perception drawn from exposure to family law and the family courts, the kids just haven’t just been shipped out to Australia as breeding stock and slave child labour in the outback. Pinball kids…trouble is no District Judge in a family court has the balls enough to make bold decisions. Always fluffy half measures, most balls they have are threats at directions hearings to scare the parties. Ball-less cucks whose wives are in possession of their tackle when it comes to judgment time!

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