Travelling for work ‘improves relationships’

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People who travel a lot for work believe it actually improves their relationships at home.

In a survey of 2,000 Britons whose jobs involve regular trips abroad almost two thirds – 62 per cent – claimed their schedule was beneficial to their relationship. Meanwhile 72 per cent believed that being away from home for extended periods of time made them appreciate their partners and families more.

But despite these positive feelings, many participants expressed some downsides of the constant travel. As many as 65 per cent said they often wish their loved ones had the opportunity to join them in the evenings and on weekends while they are away. Furthermore, 49 per cent said that while they are away on business they miss their families “more than anything”.

The poll was conducted by luxury accommodation provider CitySuites. Operations Director Gavin Bailey said it was “encouraging to see that working away from home might be helping to improve relationships and have some beneficial results [for] workers’ wellbeing and home life”.

He added that the “negative connotations of a glamorous lifestyle and fractured home life that have surrounded business travel [now] seem out-dated” and was pleased that the research appears to back that up. Such schedules are “actually bringing loved ones closer together” Bailey insisted.

These findings seem to support 2016 research by Swiss and German universities who examined the impact of work on romantic relationships. They intended to demonstrate the conventional wisdom that demanding careers were detrimental to a person’s romantic life but were unable to identify any such link.

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Andrew - May 6, 2017 at 3:36pm

I used to do a lot of business travel. It can be fun the first time but it soon becomes like taking the bus. And I didn’t enjoy sitting alone in a hotel room wishing I was with my wife and young son.

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