Pennsylvania plans to accelerate adoption

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Legislators inhe northeastern state of Pennsylvania recently recently passed no less than six bills intended to accelerate the process of adoption for residents.

The House of Representatives approved measures which would halve the time available to birth mothers to change their minds after agreeing to surrender their new babies, from 30 days to just two weeks. Thirty days is one the longer periods available in the United States.

Birth mothers must also wait for three days after the birth before taking any action.

There are currently around 2,500 children in need of adoption across Pennsylvania.

Frank Cervone is Executive Director of the Child Advocates, which campaigns for abused and neglected children. He said the draft legislation would benefit vulnerable chidlren by “tightening the screws on parents”. He insisted:

“It’s hard to argue with that.”

Children need “legal and emotional stability,” he added.

Meanwhilethe efforts made by the authorities in each county to track down biological fathers unaware that they have a child would be made more stringent. Officials would be required to demonstate that they have fully checked public records, conducted internet searches and contacted other state agencies, including the Police and prision service. Currently they are only required to show that they have published notices.

The proposed legislation will now proceed to the state’s upper house, the Senate, for further consideration.

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