Triple talaq ‘is not divorce’

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Pronouncing the so-called ‘triple talaq’ does not produce a valid divorce, the wife of the Vice President of India has insisted.

Mohammad Hamid Ansari is the country’s 12th Vice President since the country was established in its current form in 1947. Unlike the equally the elderly President Pranab Mukherjee however, Ansari is a Muslim.

Speaking during a visit to the city of Aligarh in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, his wife Salma Ansari, told reporters:

“Triple talaq is not an issue. There can be no ‘talaq’ just because someone utters talaq, talaq, talaq.”

Muslim women should turn to the Quran she said, and read the text in the original Arabic, instead of just taking the word of clerics.

“If you’ve read the Quran, you can find the solution there itself. There is no such rule in Quran. They have just made it up. There is no such thing. You read the Quran in Arabic and don’t read the translation.”

Triple talaq is practiced in some of parts of the the Muslim world. It allows husbands to unilaterally and immediately  divorce their wives through the simple recitatation of a formula. Although technically legal in India it has become a source of considerable controversy and campaigners are pressing for a change in the law.

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