Royal Tunbridge Wellis is ‘Britain’s most adulterous town’

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Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent is Britain’s most adulterous town according to new findings.

More than two per cent of the inhabitants of this affluent commuter belt town – 1,146 individuals in total – are currently engaged in affairs, according to the so-called ‘Infidelity Index’.

Compiled by cross-referencing postcode data with membership details from an infidelity website, the Index claims to rank Britain’s least faithful towns and cities.

Tunbridge Wells is home to Stowe Family Law’s tenth office.

Number two on the town ranking is similary prosperous Guildford in Surrey, supposedly home to 1,303 gallivanters, which equates to 1.89 per cent of the population. Next comes more distant Wrexham in North Wales, where 1,027 married people are alleged to be forgetting their wedding vows.

Britain’s most faithful town is apparently Barry in South Wales, home to just 88 adulterers the Index claims.

Meanwhile, sitting in the number one spot of the separate city ranking is Gloucester, with no less than 10,178 unfaithful inhabitants. Despite its size, London only appears at a very modest 48 on the list – fifth from the bottom. According to the Index, 121,355 Londoners are involved in illicit relationships – 1.47 per cent of the population.

Photo by RichardBH via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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Andrew - March 24, 2017 at 12:13pm

“Disgusting Tunbridge Wells”, eh?
Well, I can see why you opened an office in what is obviously a good town for divorce lawyers.
Houses are expensive there and cheap in Barry, but I am not sure what conclusions to draw from that!

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