Avalanche of adoption offers for five siblings

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Five siblings in Kansas who want to be adopted together have no shortage of potential new homes after their story went viral.

The three brothers and two sisters are aged between 11 and two years old. They were featured on the state’s official adoption listing website, which is run by the Kansas Department for Children and Families and the Kansas Children’s Service League.  Last week they were profiled by the Kansas City Star newspaper. The article explained the children’s wish to stay together and described their personalities and various hobbies, which ranged from dance to Pokémon to soccer. The siblings wanted to find a “loving family with an abundance of love, energy, kindness and patience”.

After the profile was published, the website received more than 1,300 offers from people willing to adopt all five children. There was such a high demand that the website crashed.

Corey Lada of the League said the response was “pretty insane”, adding:

“In 13-plus years of working here I’ve seen nothing like this. Nothing.”

Following this response, the siblings’ individual listings were taken down so officials could go through all of the offers to find a potential home for them. Kansas Department for Children and Families communications director Theresa Freed said they had “identified some possible families who may be a good fit”.

The state’s adoption service has not released any information about the circumstances which led to the children being placed in foster care.

Children with brothers and sisters in care are not usually as lucky as the ones in this case. In England, as many as 40 per cent of such children are separated from their siblings once they are taken into the care system.

Photo by Stuart Seeger via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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