Nigerian wife ‘regrets first divorce’


A Nigerian woman is seeking a divorce from her second husband, saying she regrets leaving the first.

The 39 year-old begged for a divorce before a ‘customary court’ in Ikole, a district of Ekiti State to the west of the African nation. Customary courts practice traditional tribal law.

Her husband of just three years had paid for her first divorce but now subjected her to short-tempered outbursts, abuse and ridicule she complained.

Speaking in the local Yoruba language she told Court President Yemisi Ojo:

“I regret that I took money from my present husband to file a divorce against my former husband. I have become a laughing stock in the area we live because of the beating and public disgrace.”

He didn’t care for his family and regularly humiliated her in public by accusing her of extra-marital affairs, she insisted. Her neighours had given her a cruel nickname which translates from Yoruba as ‘there is joy in beating’.

The wife asked the presiding judges for care of their daughter and an order that her second husband must release her property.

He denied the allegations. He did not want a divorce he said, and claimed their daughter would suffer if her parents split up.

The court reminded the wife of her failure to reach an amicable settlement with her first husband and her insistence that she was deeply in love with her now second husband at the time.

President Ojo adjourned the case until later this month for a further hearing.

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