Couple’s children born to two lesbian surrogates

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A Portsmouth couple’s two daughters were born to lesbian surrogates just a month apart.

Tracy and Pete Akoun met through a dating website in 2013 and married eight months later. Unfortunately their attempts to have children resulted in Mrs Akoun having five miscarriages, so they decided to try surrogacy. They wanted to have two children but when they signed up to a specialist website but were conned out of £400, The Telegraph reports.

Following this setback, the couple joined a surrogacy group on Facebook. It was there they met Kate Fruin-Smith, a 37 year-old from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who is in a civil partnership with 28 year-old Rebecca. Fruin-Smith was willing to be a surrogate for the Akouns but said she would only do it for one child.

Undeterred, Mr and Mrs Akoun agreed before finding Tricia Hunt in the same Facebook group. As it turned out, Hunt only lived 20 minutes away from them and she also said she would carry a child for them. Hunt and her partner, Cathy, had twin girls using donor sperm so they saw this as opportunity to “give somebody else what [they] had”.

In both cases, the surrogate mother’s egg was used with Mr Akoun’s sperm. Hunt was the first to give birth, having the child at a hospital in Chichester. The baby girl was named Nyobi. Exactly a month later, Fruin-Smith provided Nyobi with a sister: Kenya.

After so many unsuccessful attempts Mr Akoun “was worried that something might go wrong” despite the couple being “ecstatic” at the possibility of children, his wife told The Telegraph. She explained:

“At the end of the day, you worry until that baby is in your arms. We took each day at a time.”

Commercial surrogacy is not permitted by English law so the couple was not allowed to offer the two women money except to cover expenses. For Hunt this was around £750 per month and Fruin-Smith was given a monthly payment of £550.

Mr Akoun is now a full-time father who describes his two daughters as “delightful”. He says he and his wife will “tell [the girls] about how they were conceived” when the time is right.

Photo by Rich Brooks via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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