Parents battle doctors to treat sick baby

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The parents of a seven month old baby boy suffering from a rare genetic illness want to take him to the US for treatment unavailable over here.

Their son is currently in the intensive care unit of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London suffering from ‘mitochondrial depletion syndrome’,  which causes increasing and debilitating muscle weaknesses. There is no cure and doctors believe he should now be allowed to die naturally.

A spokesperson for the hospital said the baby’s condition was continuing to deteriorate and all proven treatments had already been explored.

“We continue to support [his family] in every way we can, while advocating, what we believe, is best for [the baby].”

But his parents believe the pioneering procedure in the United States offers hope.

His mother told BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire:

“We just want to have our chance. It would never be a cure but it could help him live. If it saves him, amazing.”

She believes her plight might help the parents of other children who develop the genetic condition.

“I want to save others. Even if [our son] doesn’t make it through this, I don’t ever want another mum and their child to go through this.”

She urged the Judge considering the hospital’s application to withdraw treatment:

“The judge needs to trust us, we are his parents. We don’t want him to suffer. If he is suffering then of course I would let him go.”

She and her partner have launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the trip and medical treatment, and this already raised £220,000.

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keith - March 7, 2017 at 2:48pm

good on them i say. if theres a glimmer of hope to save a life we should grab it with both hands and not just taken the word of hospital doctors who as we all know have been proven wrong countless times over the decades.
good luck to them and this little child.
Great Ormond Street Hospital should be ashamed of themselves. especially considering all the millions they get in donations from the public.

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