Terminally ill bishop backs gay marriage

gay marriage

A high profile bishop in the Church of England has claimed the institution should move towards “full acceptance” of gay marriage.

The Right Reverand John Wraw is Bishop of Bradwell in Essex. In a recent letter to parishioners he revealed that his cancer had become terminal but also stressed his determination to continue working as long as he could.

Turning to same sex marriage he claimed that the Church of England had become preoccupied with gay marriage and  lost a broader focus on “fundamental and core values of commitment, fidelity, openness, trust, intimacy and indeed faithfulness”.

This had “severely weakened” the Church’s contribution to “the life of the nation” the Bishop declared.

He praised changing social attitudes to “those who do not fall into traditional binary categories of heterosexual relationships” and claimed that there was:

“…still a lack of pastoral understanding and care shown in public pronouncements and a lack of venturesome and creative theological reflection on the nature of relationships and the place of marriage within that.”

Bishop Wraw called for the development of a “well-founded theology of relationship, friendship and marriage which I hope will lead in time to a full acceptance of same sex marriages in the Church of England.”

But such a development would take time, he stressed. More immediately the Church should look to “proper recognition” of “all that is good and wholesome” in relationships, “including stable, faithful, committed and God given same sex relationships.”

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