Same sex marriage ‘will happen in Australia’

gay marriage

A successful campaigner is confident gay marriage will be introduced in Australia soon.

Sixty year-old American attorney Evan Wolfson founded Freedom To Marry, an organisation which helped lead the ultimately successful campaign for the legalisation of gay marriage in the United States.

Since that historic Supreme Court ruling, Wolfson has dedicated his time to helping gay marriage activists in other countries, including Australia, one of the few remaining First World nations yet to legalise same sex marriage. Despite widespread public support, the issue remains highly controversial and repeated efforts have been made to change the legal situation.

The lawyer encouraged Australian campaigners to continue their efforts and insisted they would be successful soon. The success of campaigns in other countries would only strengthen their case he explained.

“This is the moment — this is the time. You guys are so far ahead of where we were when we won. You have more public support and you have an entire global track record to point to, showing that ending marriage discrimination doesn’t hurt anyone and isn’t a leap into the dark.”

People concerned by the issues should contact their local MP, he said, and make their views known.

“Nothing bad happens when couples are allowed to strengthen their committed love. Everybody wins, nobody loses.”

Wolfson recalled the beginnings of the US campaign in 1996, when a Judge concluded that the state’s then refusal to issue marriage licences to same sex couples lacked a legally compelling rationale.

“That really launched the ongoing global movement that brought about freedom to marry in the US, but also resulted in 22 other countries across six continents allowing gay people to share in marriage. That’s one billion people in the world, up from zero when we started. And now it’s time for Australians to have that same freedom.”

Photo of Evan Wolfson by David Shankbone via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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