Texan woman ‘shot her husband’ when he asked for a divorce


The wife of a US Army corporal shot him with a handgun because she didn’t want him to divorce her, according to reports.

Fort Bliss is a major US Army base in Texas, although parts of the 1,700 square mile facility extend into neighbouring New Mexico. The woman is now in custody and under investigation by the FBI after her husband told Police she had shot him while he sat on the edge of their bathtub, saying “I would rather have you dead than divorced”.

After the attack, the still conscious man crawled out of the bathtub and found her standing over him in the hallway, reports say. He reassured her that he didn’t want a divorce and that they could work on their problems. He pleaded with her to take him to the base hospital, saying he would tell medical staff he had in fact shot himself.

She did so and he was admitted to the intensive care unit where he received surgery. Meanwhile, Military Police attended the couple’s home and found a discarded handgun, as well as bloodstains in the family’s bathroom.

When the husband awoke, he told investigators that his wife had in fact pulled the trigger. She had previously threatened him with a knife he claimed. Military Police investigators then called in the FBI.

Accordingly to reports, she confessed when confronted by FBI agents, saying:

“Yeah, I did grab the gun and I did shoot him.”

The confrontation had occurred, she is reported to have said, after her husband had told her earlier the same day that he had found a girlfriend and was contemplating divorce. She did not want to have to move in with her parents she allegedly explained, and she had initially planned to shoot herself after killing her husband, but then changed her mind when he insisted that he didn’t really want a divorce. Later, however, she claimed she had only intended to scare him.

The couple had been together since 2009, the El Paso Times reports.

The wife is currently in custody facing a charge of attempted murder.

Photo of Fort Bliss by Ancheta Wis via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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