Nigerian woman seeks divorce over childlessness


A woman living in the southwestern Nigerian city of Ibadan has applied for a divorce because she has no child after a marriage of 11 years.

At the Idi Ogungun Customary Court in the city, the woman complained that her husband not made sufficient effort to get her pregnant since their marriage in 2006. They had sought medical advice on their fertility problems she explained, but he had not followed the doctors’ suggestions.

“Instead, he flirts around. He can spend weeks outside, abandoning me in the guise that he is engaged [busy].”

She urged the judges to end their marriage, saying:

“I pray the court to separate us so that I can try my luck elsewhere in a bid to get pregnant and have a child.”

She stressed:

“I cannot allow another man to sleep with me as long as I am still married to him.”

Her husband, however, resisted the application, saying he didn’t want to rush into divorce and pleading for time to try and resolve the issue with his wife amicably.

Court President Mukaila Balogun adjourned the case until later this month, urging the couple to involve their families in attempts at mediation.

So-called ‘customary courts’ make rulings based on traditional tribal laws and practices.

Ibadan is located 80 miles north-east of Nigerian capital Lagos, and was formerly the largest city in the West African nation.

Photo of Ibadan by Babyspagetti1 via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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