Half of Japan in ‘sexless marriages’

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Nearly half of Japanese couples are in sexless marriages, according to a new survey.

In a poll conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, a reproductive rights advocacy group, more than 47 per cent of married men and women admitted they had not had sex in the last month and did not think this would change any time soon. This is the organisation’s definition of a sexless marriage.

The number of couples who are in such marriages has risen by nearly three per cent since the last time a survey like this was conducted in 2014. It also represents a record high since the organisation started doing this kind of research back in 2004. During the first of these polls, less than 32 per cent of people claimed they were in a sexless marriage and the number has been rising ever since.

Participants in the survey were also asked why they no longer had sex with their spouses. Among men, more than 35 per cent claimed they were “too tired” from work. This is a significant increase from 2014, when only 21 per cent of men claimed this was the case.

Association President Kunio Kitamura said this increase showed that “apart from improving working hours, there is also a need to review how people work” in Japan.

Meanwhile, 22 per cent of women surveyed said they found the prospect of sex “troubling”.

Last year Japanese academics warned that if people did not start having more children the country could face a “demographic time bomb”. The scientists who made this claim predicted that if current trends continue, Japan’s population could fall to a single person by 16 August 3766.

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