Married women ‘more likely to be overweight’

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Married women are more likely to be overweight according to new research.

Researchers from the University of Arizona studied data relating to over 79,000 women between the ages of 50 and 79, gathered as part of the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, a long-term national research project. Their aim was to examine any links between “marital transition” (i.e. getting married or divorced) and key health indicators such as blood pressure, weight and diet.

The study tracked the subjects’ lives over a three-year period, recording changes in their health and matching these with their personal circumstances.

They found a clear reverse correlation between marital status and body weight. Women who had recently been married had the highest likelihood of being obese while those who had recently been divorced were more likely than other subjects to have a healthy bodyweight.

The researchers suggested possible reasons for the link: married women may be less physically active than their single friends and also be encouraged to eat large meals with their husband; while newly divorced women may feel a contrasting need to lose weight and pay more attention to their health in order to attract a new spouse.

Study author Dr Randa Kutob said:

“It does seem that these women are consciously engaging in healthier behaviors after divorce. With divorce, some women take that moment to focus more on their own health, as it would appear from our results.”

The study was entitled Relationship Between Marital Transitions, Health Behaviors, and Health Indicators of Postmenopausal Women: Results from the Women’s Health Initiative. It was published in The Journal of Women’s Health. Read it here.

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Nemo Momenti - February 13, 2017 at 8:41am

Don’t you just love psychology? Intensive investigations and complex statistics reveal the bleeding obvious, at great expense. Nearly as good a scam as lawyering!

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