Ticket to space could be lost in divorce

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A wealthy businessman faces the possibility of selling a ticket to space as part of a divorce settlement.

The 35 year-old tycoon was born in Leicester but grew up in east Africa. His computer business’ success resulted in him being described as Africa’s youngest billionaire. While his wife has claimed he is still a billionaire, the businessman insists that he only has £445,532 to his name.

This issue is somewhat complicated by the fact that in 2015 the Sunday Times Rich List estimated the man’s net worth at around £500 million but he did not feature at all in last year’s edition.

A five-day hearing at the High Court to determine how much he is truly worth begins this week. Once that has been decided, another hearing will be held to decide how much his wife is entitled to. Among the assets under consideration is the husband’s ticket on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight. Each ticket is worth $200,000 (£160,000) and has to be paid up front. However they are fully refundable right up until the day of the flight, whenever that turns out to be.

The value of this ticket will be “considered as part of the investigation into his total wealth”, a source told the Telegraph. His wife “will demand the cost of the ticket be counted in his assets” and “could demand he cashes it in” to pay her divorce settlement.

The legal costs of this dispute could be as much as £1 million, the newspaper reported.

Photo by Jeff Foust via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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keith - February 6, 2017 at 7:50pm

His wife should only get what she put into the relationship plus any child support that might be needed.
lets face it if he’s worked hard to earn that 500 mill but his wife only put say 50 grand into the marriage then 50 grand is all she should get back. fares fare.
what are judges doing awarding millions to these women when they never put this in themselves. is it ware and tare for gods sake. ridiculous courts.

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