Worcestershire Council under fire from Ofsted

children in care

Worcestershire County Council has been criticised for “widespread and serious” child protection failures by the inspectorate Ofsted.

The problems encompassed both children in residential care and those placed with guardians and adopted families.

The council had not recruited enough “good quality, permanent social workers” Ofsted found, and had applied inconsistent standards when making decisions across the spectrum of their services.

The inspector’s report declared:

“Too many children have been left in situations of escalating risk without becoming looked after…As a result, children who require protection from harm and who need urgent improvement in their lives are left in situations of actual and escalating risk of significant harm.”

Services for care leavers also came under the spotlight. Many were abandoned to unemployment and inappropriate accommodation Ofsted concluded. Little more than half were in work, training or education.

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keith - January 26, 2017 at 2:09pm

This is all very well and good but it doesnt address the problem of the thousands of children in the care system who should never have been removed in the first place and the SS paperwork which is very often falsified painting the parents as a risk to their children when they were simply not.
how come ofsted dont look at these areas of serious LA failure.

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