Exam requirements fuelling nursery staff recruitment crisis

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Nursery staff should not need good GCSE grades in order to qualify, the National Day Nurseries Association has claimed.

Daycare and nursery staff require a minimum of a grade C in English and Maths GCSEs in order to complete their professional training, but the ‘early years’ sector is suffering from a recruitment crisis and the Department of Education is now considering removing the exam requirement to encourage applicants.

The Association, which promotes good practice in the sector, backed the government’s proposal, insisting that “the [exam] requirement is by far the main reason for the sector’s recruitment problems”.

Interested applicants should instead be able to demonstrate a knowledge of English and Maths in other ways, it suggested.

The Association’s Director of Quality and Workforce Development, Stella Ziolkowski, said:

“Many nursery professionals are excellent, caring practitioners who love children and are extremely skilled at supporting children’s social and emotional development without the need for GCSEs and this should not be a barrier for them.

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Andy - November 30, 2016 at 7:31am

How come if you applied in any other job you would expect a qualification to support your experience and qualities to conduct a professional job.

I don’t see a no qualification required to be a solicitor or a barrister..police and other important job roles so why then remove the required qualification exam or qualifications to be a early years practitioner or assistant…
I can only assume the low pay and hours that force applications to be low as always with the local government and others setting high standards for low pay…
So in this example if you demonstrate a good practical assessment and some leadership in this area of work you can get the job..

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