Care home review ‘unnecessary’

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A planned review of residential care home system is politically slanted, social workers have claimed.

Last month the government announced a “comprehensive” review of children’s homes across the country, saying this would “help put an end to a life of disadvantage for some of the most vulnerable children in care.”

But the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) believes the review is a disguised attempt to promote privatisation of the sector. Members suggest that the information already requested is essentially the same as that supplied for a similar review by the Education Select Committee in 2013.

Chair Guy Shennan said the government’s motives needed clarification.

“The provision of children’s care has become a commodity predicted to be very lucrative for private companies. The timing of this review is extremely tight, with a deadline of only two months including the Christmas period.”

BASW members were uncertain whether this tight timescale would be sufficient for thorough review, he continued, or if it was in fact “the government’s way of seeking validation of an already agreed strategy.”

Mr Shennan called on the government to be honest about its agenda for residential care and allow a proper debate on the issues. Mr Shennan also referred to the impact of political rhetoric on the children themselves.

“Using language linking them to prostitution and suicide may go down a storm at party conferences but is not going to do much for children’s self-esteem.”

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