Youth services need legal protection, group claims

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A coalition of 30 voluntary youth organisations has called on the Labour Party to include statutory protection for children’s services in its general election manifesto.

Choose Youth has launched a campaign focused on the issue, urging Labour to incorporate services for young people in law in order to protect their funding and status if Labour returns to power.

A petition entitled Protect Services for Young People has already attracted 6,577 signatures, just a few hundred short of its 7000 goal.

It states:

“Youth services will be the first public service to be destroyed. Not cut, destroyed. This destruction is echoed at ministerial level by Michael Gove’s abandonment of youth policy. This represents a retreat from national youth policy by government for the first time since the First World War.”

Choose Youth was established to protect the right of young people to “universal, open-access youth service provision”.

The petition is available to view here.

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