Family Justice Minister signs mediation pledge

Lord McNallyFamily Justice Minister Lord McNally has signed a pledge drafted by legal organisation Resolution promising to promote alternatives to court.

The Minister signed the pledge to  mark Family Dispute Resolution Week, an annual event designed to raise awareness of non-confrontational alternatives to court in family disputes.

The pledge reads:

“I pledge to help people going through separation by:

– Letting them know there are alternatives to court
– Encouraging them to talk to a professional about all their options to find the right solution for them and their families
– Making sure they know that legal aid is still available for mediation.”

Resolution Chair Liz Edwards welcomed the Minister’s involvement, saying:

“We’re delighted the Minister has signed our pledge. Everyone – Government, the legal profession and individuals – needs to do their bit to ensure the right information is out there and people going through a break-up are aware of their options. For some couples, court is the only option; but for the vast majority, family lawyers can help them find other, more suitable solutions, which make the difficult process of break-up that much less stressful.”

Resolution represents 6,500 lawyers and other professionals committed to “the constructive resolution of family disputes.”

Photo by English PEN  via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence


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