Former Miss Malaysia launches bid to have massive divorce settlement heard in London

Kuala LumpurA Malaysian woman who was married to the one of the country’s wealthiest businessman for more than four decades has launched a bid to have her divorce heard in London.

Pauline Chai  was married to Dr Khoo Kay Peng for 42 years and had five children. She filed for divorce in February this year, The Times reports, after moving to England last year, and Ms Chai now plans to file a second application, to demonstrate that she has lived in England for the required six months.

A £500 million divorce settlement would be the largest in UK history, the paper claims. Her estranged husband reportedly hopes to have the divorce settled back in Malaysia, where he would not be required to pay his Ms Chai 50 per cent of his wealth.

Tim Bishop QC said filing a second petition was a “radical departure” that would  enhance “the ill-gotten reputation of this country for being the divorce capital of the world.”

But her counsel insisted that the move was perfectly permissible. Richard Todd QC told the court:

“She is not seeking to have her cake and eat it; she is seeking two cakes — something which the rules expressly allow.”

Ms Chai’s solicitor also claimed:

“Like all other partnerships which do not have a deed, those assets should be divided 50:50. England is the best place to examine and rule on this”.

Mr Justice Coleridge adjourned the case for a more detailed hearing, The Times reports.

Dr Khoo Kay Peng is the chairman of international investment group Malayan United Industries Berhad and also a part owner of retailer and textile design company Laura Ashley.

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Lukey - July 6, 2013 at 2:10am

She wants to extract as much money from her husband as possible so it is logical to bring the divorce to this country as the courts here will treat him unfavourably compared to just about everywhere else.

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