Sixty-eight year old pensioner receives 51 responses from potential brides

Indian weddingA 68 year old Indian pensioner received 51 responses from potential brides when he advertised in a Gujarati newspaper.

According to a report on DNA India, the Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa marriage bureau in Vasna was flooded with applications after posting the following advertisement in an Ahmedabad newspaper for his client:

‘A 68-year-old bachelor and US green card holder is looking for a suitable bride… has been staying in US for 25 years… earns between Rs8-10 lakh per month. Interested candidates please apply’

Bureau founder Natubhai Patel it was the first time his company had taken on a bachelor aged over 50, and he had been amazed by the level of interest. Applicants ranged in age from 50 right down to 21. Patel asked the younger applicants why they were interested in marrying a man old enough to be their grandfather.

The key draw for all the woman was the man’s green card, or status as a permanent US resident, Patel explained.

“[Ahmedabad] women, or rather Gujarati, per se are crazy for the US tag and will do anything for the same.”

One woman said her husband had gone missing 15 years earlier, while three of the applicants, in their mid-40s, were already married with children but claimed their current husbands would be willing to divorce them so they could settle abroad. Some even offered to live with the man without marrying him.

Patel told the site: “It was quite an eye-opening experience for me.”

He is currently only pursuing applications from women aged over 50.

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Lukey - July 3, 2013 at 9:04pm

Women are generally naturally hypergamous – so the green card makes this inevitable.

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