Funding slashed for domestic violence service in Australia’s Northern Territory

Storm over DarwinThe government of Australia’s Northern Territory has slashed funding to its Domestic Violence Legal Service by more than $160,000 (£95,400).

Two of the three solicitors employed by the Service at its head office in Darwin will now leave, Yahoo! 7 News reports. John Elferink, the Northern Territory Attorney General, said his government could no longer afford the full funding and they were seeking additional monies from the national government.

“Of course, I am concerned about what happens to victims. I would love to be able to provide the best services across government in a raft of areas. But the fiscal reality is such that we are stuck with a projected $5.5 billion worth of debt and we have to respond to that.”

Susan Crane is spokeswoman for local domestic violence shelter Dawn House. She said the cutbacks further endangered the rising number of victims in the region.

“They may not be able to get domestic violence orders for their own protection and the protection of their children, or there may be a delay in that, so it increases their risk of being further assaulted by the perpetrator of the domestic violence. About 33 per cent of women who are homeless in the Northern Territory is due to domestic violence. That is compared to 24 per cent nationally, so it indicates that there is a higher rate of women affected by domestic violence in the Territory than elsewhere.”

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Paul - July 3, 2013 at 8:11pm

And I bet 90% of that is linked to poor aboriginals and alcohol abuse. I was up there once on a sight seeing visit and was saddened to see these people, groups of mainly women and children, huddled under trees with the adults drinking straight from bottles. Their issues are not something easily envisaged or understood from afar.

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