Government promises tax breaks for married couples

The Houses of ParliamentTax breaks for married couples will be introduced before the next general election, Treasury Secretary David Gauke has promised.

Writing to fellow Tory MPs, the MP for South West Hertfordshire said:

“The Prime Minister and Chancellor have consistently made clear that we remain committed to recognising marriage in the tax system. I know that many of you will have heard the Chancellor set out his commitment to deliver on this during the course of this parliament. An announcement on details of how we will legislate for this in this parliament will be made by the Chancellor in due course.”.

The tax break would allow wives or husbands of spouses who are not working to transfer a portion of their tax free allowance to their spouses. The government’s failure to implement a tax break for married couples has been a bone of contention with some Tory MPs who have put pressure on the cabinet to introduce the measure.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Mr Gauke’s letter was an attempt to ward off a possible rebellion over the issue, as tomorrow’s Spending Review  by Chancellor George Osbourne is unlikely to contain any tax relief for families.

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Lukey - June 26, 2013 at 8:52pm

This should only be for married couples with children, otherwise it is an obscene abuse of single people.

Can I marry my dad and give him my tax breaks – and if not why not? We have a loving relationship, it is not sexual but no sex act has been defined as required for marriage so that doesn’t matter.

The whole tax breaks thing for non-parents is ludicrous.

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