Delhi woman granted divorce after groom ‘forced’ her to study abroad

Traditional Indian potteryA woman from Delhi has been granted a divorce after a  court ruled that her husband had forced her to settle abroad at her parents’ expense.

The unnamed woman said she had suffered from ‘unbearable’ cruelty at the hands of her Punjabi husband, who later deserted her. He had wanted to settle abroad and so pushed her into continuing her studies in another country, using a dowry from her parents.

The couple had met on the internet while she was studying in Jaipur. He reportedly told her that he was wealthy and would himself finance the move abroad.

District Judge Sujata Kohli said the groom had had ulterior motives for the marriage:

“…It is clear that the matrimonial tie between the parties has broken because of the cruel conduct of respondent (man) as it is clear, that it is he, who convinced the petitioner (woman) for the marriage with him to serve his own purpose of greed and that of his family members as well as his purpose to go abroad, as respondent himself was not capable for the same, financially or educationally.”

The judge claimed that such schemes were relatively common in the region:

“This is a common phenomena in the State of Punjab where some grooms are in search of brides, who can get them a foothold abroad, somehow at any cost, attracted by the glamour and green pastures. Such grooms stoop down to the extent of ruining the life of young innocent brides.”

Photo of traditional Indian pottery by Lokantha via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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