Indian parenting organisation calls for ‘gender-neutral’ family law

BangaloreIndian  campaign group the Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) has called on the country’s government to reform family law.

Founder and president Kumar V Jahgirdar said he and other fathers struggled to maintain a role in their children’s lives  after separation and divorce.

“The anti-father mindset unfortunately persists in our society. In divorce and separation cases, one of the parents, out of revenge, deprives the child of the love, affection and care of the other parent,”

Claiming that “single parenting” is “one of the worst forms of child abuse”, Jahgirdar said the Indian government should introduce a separate ministry to deal with the interests of children , which are currently being “ignored”. He also urged the Indian Supreme Court to clearly define the welfare of children and provide guidelines to avoid the reported current confusion in the country’s courts.

Delhi child counsellor Ekta Singh is also a  member of CRISP member. He told Indian news site Firstpost that all important documents relating to children, such as passports and school admission forms should have the consent of both parents.

CRISP is based in Bangalore. On its website, the organisation declares:

“Indian legal system [sic] is still based on patriarchal mindset, which considers fathers as not capable of nurturing the children. However, today many fathers are competent of taking care of the needs of the children for normal upbringing. When women can multitask by going to work after domestic chores and also take care of children, it is baseless to say that men/fathers are not capable of taking care of children.”

Photo of Bangalore by Ramesh NG via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence


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