Chinese woman tries to divorce husband after video game rows

Chengdu ChinaA Chinese women has agreed to work on her marriage after attempting to divorce her husband when he became obsessed by video games.

Wang Juan claimed her husband Zhang Ping, 25, had become lazy and refused to help her with household chores.

The couple met in college and married in 2011, reports, living in Sichuan province. Initially Zhang was a “model husband” she claimed, helping her with chores when he returned from work. But then he started to make excuses, suggesting they go out to eat rather than make dinner, or not bother cleaning the floor. Zhang frequently said he’d prefer to play video games, according to the  report:

“I work all day, my work is boring, I need to relax. Video games excite me, it helps me relax”.

The couple began to have frequent arguments and Wang eventually filed for divorce , saying her husband was selfish and had no sense of responsibility.

But Zhang insisted that he didn’t wish to get divorced and wanted to work things out with his wife.

The judge asked the couple to try and resolve their arguments and the young woman agreed to drop her petition.

Photo of Sichuan capital Chengdu by BenBen via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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