South Carolina considers reduction in waiting time for divorce

South Carolina State HouseLegislators in the US state of South Carolina are currently considering a bill which would be reduce the waiting time required for divorce from one year to 150 days.

The recently introduced bill would apply to ‘no fault divorces’, without allegations of desertion, drunkenness, adultery or abuse. It is currently before a committee in the South Carolina House of Representatives but has not yet been voted on.

The proposed legislation was sponsored by Walt McLeod, the Democratic representative for the town of Little Mountain. He said:

“Tennessee has a rule called ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Georgia has ‘irretrievably broken.’ Florida has a 90-day timeframe for no-fault divorce. So when we’re talking about a no-fault divorce, where there’s no dispute, then it’s time to just take some action.”

But the plans was condemned by Baptist minister Eddie Coakley. He told local TV station WBTW:

“To me, that sends a message that, as a society, we’re not taking marriage as seriously. It should be harder to escape our responsibilities, not easier.”

As the bill would require a change to the state constitution, passage into law would need approval by two thirds of both the House of Representatives and the state Senate.

Photo of the South Carolina State House by Florencebballer via Wikipedia

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