US author discusses children’s book about divorce

Home sweet homeUS author Amy Kite has appeared on Chicago chat show The Talk to discuss her recently published children’s book about divorce.

What About Me? is aimed at children aged nine and under, using rhyme and colourful illustrations to convey a positive message that the important things in a child’s life will remain the same even after divorce. The child’s Mum and Dad will still love them.

The cover depicts a rainbow joining two houses, with the words ‘MOM’ and ‘DAD’ on the front door of each. It is described as “a comforting story to help take the ‘ouch’ out of divorce”.

What About Me? has received positive reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer writing:

“I wish all divorce lawyers and/or mediators would buy this book and provide it to their clients. It is well written with a healing message.”

Amy Kite is a freelance writer, poet and a divorced mother of three. She was inspired to write the book by the experiences of her own children as their parents divorced. The book’s illustrator, Judy Kaplan, is also a divorced mother.

The Talk presenter Marion Brooks personally invited Kite on to the show to discuss divorce from a children’s perspective.

The author said:

“It is so personally rewarding to me having parents tell me that their children want to read this book night after night. They have shared that they have conversations together about their feelings and fears during this difficult time.”

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