Egyptian man jailed for attempting to blackmail wife during divorce

An Egyptian man living in Dubai has been jailed for three years and fined 10,000 dirhams (£1,795) after attempting to blackmail his wife into surrendering her financial rights during their divorce.

The couple’s marriage began to break down only two weeks after their wedding when she refused to take out a loan to help her new husband buy a new car.

The wife recalled her husband’s response:

“He e-mailed my photos to his colleagues at work, saying I had become a dancer and also posted nude photos of me on Facebook.”

She filed for divorce but her husband then tried to pressure her into surrounding her rights under Sharia law to a financial settlement and the return of her dowry.

She told the court:

“He threatened that he would dishonour me before my family and friends if I didn’t do his bidding.”

In addition to blackmail and extortion, the man was also found guilty of ‘violating family values’ and ‘abusing the internet’ and was ordered to pay his wife compensation of 21,000 dirhams (£3769). He will deported back to Egypt at the end of his sentence.

Photo of Dubai by .EVO. from UAE via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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