Court of Appeal sends case back for full consideration of Cafcass report

newsThe Court of Appeal has sent a contact case back to the original court with instructions for a Cafcass report to be fully considered.

In Re YM, contact between a father and his child had been suspended due to concerns about the father’s ability to control his temper. Cafcass issued a report, recommending that the father have only indirect contact while an investigation continued. However the father went to his GP and obtained a report saying he in fact had no anger management issues. On the basis of this a judge ruled that contact between the father and his child could resume.

The mother successfully appealed. The GP who certified the father had not seen the Cafcass report and its recommendations, so his opinion of the father could not be relied upon. Lord Justices Thorpe, Longmore and McCombe ordered the Cafcass report to be presented to the GP.

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) is an independent body which works to safeguard the welfare of children involved in court cases.

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