Chinese divorcees unlucky with lucky dates

Three Chinese couples who married on January 4 because it is considered auspicious have already filed for divorce, according to a report on People’s Daily Online.

January 4 was branded ‘the most auspicious date for 10,000 years’ because it sounds like the phrase ‘forever love’ in spoken Chinese. Around 7,300 couples were married in Shanghai on the day. But three of the couples have reportedly already filed for divorce, one doing so just four days later.

The latter pair called their marriage a “hasty decision”, saying they had gotten caught up on the craze. They refused counselling from staff at the Xuhui marriage registration centre in Shanghai, insisting on a separation.

Seven couples who married on December 12, a date which sounds like ‘want to love’ in spoken Chinese, have also now filed for divorce according to the report.

Marriage counsellor Leng Li said:

“Nowadays, divorce is such an easy thing compared with years ago when the procedure was complicated.”


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