Berlusconi agrees huge divorce settlement

Former Italian prime minister Silivo Berlusconi has agreed a major divorce settlement with ex-wife Veronica Lario.

The billionaire media tycoon has agreed to pay Lario €3 million a month – £29.4 million per year – but will keep his property portfolio and various business interests.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Lario was especially keen to gain ownership of Villa Belvedere, a 122,000sq ft estate near Milan  and the couple’s former marital home. However, the judge at a hearing in Milan ruled that Berlusconi should keep the €78 million villa as their three children are now adults.

Italian law requires that the standard of living enjoyed by a couple prior to divorce must be maintained after separation when one party is richer than the other.

Berlusconi married Lario, a former actress, in 1990, and the couple had three children – Barbara, 28, Eleonora, 26, and Luigi, 24. She filed for divorce in 2009, following reports linking her husband with various models and showgirls. She could, she said at the time, “no longer stay with someone who consorts with minors”.

Berlusconi divorced his first wife, Carla Dall’Oglio, in 1985, after 20 years of marriage.

The 76 year-old recently announced plans to run for a fourth term as prime minister of Italy.

 Photo by Alessio via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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