Ideas on a postcard, please!

Well, come to think of it, perhaps an email might be quicker!

Ideas for what? The ebook I am currently completing, that’s what! This *free* book will be available to Amazon Kindle users by the end of this months. Aimed at all separating and divorcing parents, it will be full of as many tips as I can think of to help people get through the process: law, practice, procedure, emotions, money, children, resources, examples, casebooks, advice: you name it.

Right now I am making the final edits to what is already around 300 pages so its not a flimsy guide. I am really pleased with how it is shaping up. But it is not too late to send in your ideas. If there any areas you are particularly keen for me to cover or topics you’d really like me to look  at, now this time to drop me a line!

Meanwhile, further free advice will be available via the blog as always.

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Fiona - December 13, 2012 at 8:12pm

Marilyn this is a brilliant idea, an ebook is easily updated which is so important in this area of advice.

May I suggest you draw attention to the new definition of domestic abuse, and explore whether this will have any impact at all in the Family Courts?

I am thinking in particular of your blog post here, which referred to an excellent study by Rights of Women:

It would be really useful if you could identify this problem and give advice to those on the receiving end (and their legal representatives) can best deal with it.

In my view it is an absolute scandal that the justice system is used to exert power and control, and pile on the agony for survivors of abusive or coercive behaviour or violence. I think it’s time the perpetrators of this abuse were identified as vexatious and malicious litigants and treated just as they would be in other civil courts.

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