French court orders tycoon to take paternity test

A court has ordered French hotel and casino boss Dominique Desseigne to take a paternity test to demonstrate whether he is the father of French MEP Rachida Dati’s daughter.

Dati, who served in the French Ministry of Justice under Nicholas Sarkozy, claims the wealthy businessman is the father of her three year -old daughter Zohra. He has admitted to having an affair with the 46 year-old French politician, but denies that he is the father and has refused to take a paternity test, saying she had a number of other lovers at the time.

Dati filed a paternity suit against 68 year-old Desseigne last month. He is ‘président-directeur général’ of the large Lucien Barrière casino, hotel group, which features 37 casinos and 15 luxury hotels.

According to report in the Telegraph, Desseigne cannot be forced to take the paternity test but a continuing refusal will be interpreted as an admission of fatherhood, making him liable for child maintenance payments.

Photo of Rachida Dati by  UMP Photos under a Creative Commons licence

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