Halle Berry reaches settlement with former partner

Actress Halle Berry is reported to have reached an agreement with former partner Gabriel Aubry, a French-Canadian male model.

The two have been engaged in a high profile dispute over access to their four year-old Nahla. The 46 year-old actress had planned to take Nahla with her to France in order live there with her new partner, the French actor Oliver Martinez, but a judge forbade the move earlier this month.

Martinez and Aubry confronted each other over the issue on November 22 in the driveway of Berry’s Los Angeles home and came to blows. Both men then took out restraining orders against each other .

The trio have now reached an “amicable agreement” according to reports.

Meanwhile, rapper Kanye West is reported to be tired of the continuing divorce drama surrounding his girlfriend, the reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

She has been engaged in an extended legal battle with her former husband, the basketball star Kris Humphries, who claimed that their 72 day marriage in 2011 was a fake. He has since been pushing for an annulment rather than a divorce according to reports.

Kanye is said to be keen to propose to Kardashian as soon as the divorce process is complete.

Photo by Kevin Tostado via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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