Metropolitan Police launch domestic abuse crackdown

newsThe Metropolitan Police has arrested 264 alleged domestic abusers since Monday in an operation timed to coincide with White Ribbon Day., also known as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women.

Led by specially trained officers in police Community Safety Units, the arrests targeted individuals believed to be prolific abusers.

‘Operation Athena’, as it is known, will run until tomorrow (30 November). Met police officers are also taking part in various community initiatives, including domestic violence workshops and drop-in centres.

Met Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrne said:

“The scale of the violence and abuse caused by those in domestic relationships is shocking. About one third of all women will suffer some form of physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their partners. Suffering behind closed doors should not and cannot be ignored. We all have a responsibility to put a stop to domestic violence.”

He added:

“We are committed to tackling all of forms violence, and will make sure we play our part in supporting and protecting victims of both sexes. It is also importantly about demonstrating to abusers that their actions have legal, and in some cases, long lasting consequences.”


Marilyn Stowe

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Paul Gilson - November 30, 2012 at 12:36pm

I hope this glorified contrivance of a mass arrest, engineered in conjunction with the wimmins’ groups, leads to an equally high number of complaints against the police for unlawful arrest.

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