News: Turkish mother planning to take her child back to Turkey loses her appeal

A Turkish mother who had been refused permission to take her child back to Turkey after the end of her relationship with the English father has lost her appeal against the decision.

The Court of Appeal said it had no grounds for overriding the decision of the judge in the original hearing, as he had seen and heard the evidence of witnesses. The evidence of the child’s maternal grandfather had been given particular significance and had caused the judge “alarm”.

Nevertheless, the judge encouraged the woman to reapply for permission to take her child back to Turkey at a later date, when he was older.

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Steve Davies - October 19, 2012 at 4:02pm

This is a very difficult area , Taking children out of the country and away from the Father is hardly ever a good idea, There is a good chance that the Father might not see the child again. Depending on the laws in other countries. I feel for the Mother too as she is now bound here and unable to do what she wishes to do. I guess there is never an easy solution to this and we may never all the facts. I read the link you had in the article , is there anymore information on this that i might be able to read ?

Observer - October 22, 2012 at 12:09am

As always, these things are pretty simple, and it is the ever-assinine law that makes them complex.

Assuming that a child is not a teddy bear or some other possession but a living person, the child is not some thing that is taken from the country in which he or she is born.

In these cases, jurisdictional courts are usually quite quick to wash their hands of their sordid activities by letting the parent abduct (if that parent happens the mom).

I don’t know of any cases where dads apply for the right to abduct. I guess they have the common sense that tells them that would be abusive toward both mother and child.

Hypocrisy always seems to be the order of the day though, doesn’t it.

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