News: judge halts adoption for medical reports

news genericAn appeal court judge has temporarily halted adoption proceedings after hearing that a case of suspected child abuse may in fact have been caused by rickets.

Lord Justice McFarlane called for medical reports after that hearing that the broken bones which had led authorities to suspect child abuse could have been caused by the soft bone disorder if the child had inherited a vitamin D deficiency from his mother. Insufficient vitamin D is the primary cause of rickets.

The family claim the deficiency may have eluded detection during routine medical checks after the birth because the boy was given formula milk containing vitamin D supplements by his mother.

The unnamed boy had been taken from his family in the north ofEnglandafter the broken bones were discovered and the parents have spent three years attempting to regain custody through the courts. Despite this, the boy was cleared for full adoption at a hearing inSheffieldlast June.

Lord Justice McFarlane gave the family 28 days to obtain medical reports on the possible vitamin D deficiency.

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