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divorce-questionsI have noticed that many new visitors arrive at this blog after entering questions about their predicaments into Google. I asked Cheshire divorce lawyer Robin Charrot if he could help out with some answers.
how to act in court

For most court hearings, you will not play a speaking role. However there are still a few rules to follow. Use common sense: don’t lose your temper, don’t glare at your spouse and don’t sigh, tut or mutter when your spouse’s lawyer is speaking. Pay attention to what is being said. To get your lawyer’s attention, write a short note and tap them on the shoulder. But please don’t do this every five minutes! For further tips see Marilyn Stowe’s post, How To Act In Court.

how to explain to children adultery divorce

However much you blame your spouse for having an affair, resist telling your children “the simple truth”. This will always do more harm than good, because it will give them hopelessly conflicted loyalties. Your children have the right to have the best possible relationship with both their parents. Tell the children that their mum and dad are going to be happier living in different homes. Avoid the emphasis on your spouse’s new partner. In turn, your spouse should not bring his or her new partner onto the scene until the children are used to their parents living apart. Even then it should be done gradually.

how do i get my wife of 20+ years sexually attracted to me again

Not the usual kind of question asked of a family lawyer! One of the most important things is that you have to show that you are sexually attracted to her.

how can you tell if your husband is cheating on you

Having an affair usually means spending more money; have his patterns of cash withdrawal or credit card spending changed? Other tell-tale signs are described in Marilyn Stowe’s post, Ten Ways To Tell He’s Cheating On You.

how do i obtain a mesher order against my husband

By reaching an agreement with your husband, which is then translated into the wording of a court order and approved by the court. If you cannot reach agreement, a court order may be imposed on both of you after a final hearing. Often a Mesher order is agreed upon when the wife cannot afford to “buy out” the husband’s interest in the property.

how does csa calculate self employed net income

Your net income is the profit from your activities after tax, National Insurance and pension contributions. If your net income is more than £2,000 per week, it is capped at that amount for the purpose of the maintenance calculation. However it is still possible that the resident parent could apply to the court for more maintenance or other financial orders against you.

how does the judge in a divorce case present his decision

It depends. If the case is fairly simple, and there is enough time left on the day of the hearing, the judge will tell you what his decision is there and then. In doing so, the judge must summarise the arguments and explain why they have reached their decision, so it takes a little time. If the case is complex or it is late in the day, the judge might “reserve” judgment, which often means that you have to wait several weeks. Then the decision will be issued in writing, or the parties will have to return to court to hear the judge pronounce his judgment.

how to change wife’s mind about divorce

You may not be able to! The most important thing is to keep communicating in a civil and constructive way. An independent third party can help you to do this: visit Relate for further information.

how to deal with anxiety and divorce hearing

Look after yourself: Don’t smoke, keep alcohol to a minimum and get as much sleep as possible. Ask lots of questions of your solicitor: what is the format of the hearing? Will I need to speak? Who will be representing me? What will be decided? When will it start and finish? Where should we meet? What do I wear? Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you for support, but note that they will not be allowed into the courtroom. If the hearing is likely to last all day, force yourself to have lunch!

how to know if marriage is invalid?

A marriage may be invalid if the ceremony did not comply with the formalities to make it legally recognised in the country in which the ceremony took place. For example, you may be in trouble if the venue is not licensed to hold marriages, or if the person conducting the ceremony is not licensed to do so. The most common problem is when couples go through a religious ceremony that is not recognised as a legally binding marriage in that country, and omit to follow it up with a civil ceremony.

ex partner lives with his mother how does that affect csa

It doesn’t.

how to withdraw from a sears tooth agreement

In short, you can’t. If you have signed up to a Sears Tooth Agreement, you have entered into an agreement with your solicitor to pay your legal fees from any money awarded to you at the end of your case. Your solicitor has carried out the work for you on that basis. The only way to “withdraw” is to settle the solicitor’s outstanding charges. If clients could withdraw from a Sears Tooth Agreement, then solicitors wouldn’t offer them!

how to write your own prenuptial agreements

Don’t bother. The current law on prenuptial agreements is that if the agreement is to hold water in any subsequent divorce proceedings, both parties must have had independent legal advice when it was entered into.

how you know he wants a trophy girlfriend

Ask yourself a few questions. Does he set great store by what his friends and associates think of him? Do some of them have trophy girlfriends? Has he said that he is not happy with his life? Has he started to spend more on clothes? Does he want a flashier car than he already has? If you are answering “Yes, Yes, YES!”, then watch out.

how to tell your wife you want a divorce younger women

This news is going to hurt big time – however you phrase it. However there is no point in lying or dressing your reasons up with excuses, because your wife will learn the truth soon enough. If you haven’t been honest, her reaction will be ten times worse.

how to make a good impression on your first day at work law student

Don’t try to impress everyone with your legal skills and knowledge: even if you know more than the people who work there, they will not like you for it! Dress smartly, be punctual, look interested and do exactly what you’re asked to do. Always ask what the deadline is for any work you are given. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the work if you are not exactly sure what is expected of you.

how to protect money if wife is unfaithful

Limit the amount of money going into joint accounts, or accounts in your wife’s sole name. Make sure that she cannot run up overdrafts or credit card debts that are in your name or joint names.

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