Why I Feel Sorry For Brian Myerson

From the Guardian’s comment is free blog, 07/04/2009.

Brian Myerson should abandon his bid for his £9.5m divorce settlement to be set aside, but he’s a risk-taker.

By Marilyn Stowe

The City tycoon Brian Myerson has been pilloried in the press after failing to convince the court of appeal to set aside the £9.5m divorce settlement that he must pay out to his former wife. He argues that the economic downturn has “rendered his divorce settlement unfair”, because it will now leave him half a million pounds out of pocket.

In truth I feel a little sorry for Myerson. As a family lawyer, I have encountered many men of his ilk. They are sharp-suited, high-flying Big Boys: fabulously confident, fabulously wealthy and fabulously successful. They play hard – and they always play to win.  Continue reading >


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